productionpic2Thank you for visiting our website.  One of my students originally introduced me to paintball, and like many others I immediately fell in love with the sport.  I soon realized what an underexposed sport paintball is, and set out on a two year journey to capture the lives of our characters.  It has been a life-changing experience, and I know it will have the same impact on the audience.  My goal is to use the movie as a bridge into the world of tournament paintball.  When you go to a movie, you escape reality hoping to find meaning in the film.  I started the film for this reason, wanting to give every person a chance to experience the undying passion of tournament paintball players.  I hope we can garner your support so we can bring this film to audiences everywhere.


Jose DiazJose Diaz holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Secondary Education and a Computer Science Degree from Concordia University of Chicago. Jose has been teaching at Faith Lutheran Jr/Sr High School for 13 years in the computer program. He teaches graphic design, computer animation, visual effects, web design, and computer programming. Outside of his job he has worked as a Homeless Youth House Parent and Youth Group Director for three years. He has also worked as a Homeless Youth Outreach Worker for a year.

LBTLMr. Diaz enjoys being a videographer.  He directed and produced the moving and acclaimed documentary Life Beyond the Lights in which he detailed the lives of the Homeless Youth in Las Vegas.  He has made commercials for Faith Lutheran Jr/Sr High School, Las Vegas Premiere Paintball, Camp Pendleton Paintball Park, and T-Bands. He has also worked for Inspirmedia Productions and Mr. Camera. He has filmed for special events such as graduations ceremonies, endowments dinners, and theatre productions.   

Mr. Diaz started his career with the wish to glorify the Lord with his talents and to teach his students to do the same. When asked about his hopes and dreams for his future Mr. Diaz answered that he “hopes to continue to direct and produce documentaries that will please all audiences, provide great entertainment, and help shape the way people see the world”.

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