HoldingTheWirePosterThis film breaks through the misconceptions that Tournament Paintball has long suffered from detailing the excitement of the sport and the dedication and enthusiasm of its players. The film follows Diaz as he strives to depict the sacrifice, motivation, and challenges faced by tournament paint ballers. As the players and their families devote their time, energy, and money to pursue paintball, they grow both in their knowledge of the sport and of themselves. Providing unprecedented access to the lives of these players, Holding the Wire takes viewers on a journey across the U.S., from Las Vegas to California, Washington DC, Orlando, Chicago, and more.

Holding the Wire provides a rare look at the bonds and sacrifices these passionate tournament paintball players make and the effect their commitment to the sport has on themselves and their loved ones. It is a compelling look iinto an enthralling sport, uncovering a passion unknown and unsung.

Iacon’s goal is to create a film that will capture the interest of the general audience and bring attention to paintball through the documenting and telling of a great story. Iacon is now in post-production and looking to wrap up the film by Summer 2012 and release in Fall 2012.

If you would like more information on the film email Jose Diaz @ HoldingTheWire@Gmail.com.

Download Official Press Release Here (.PDF File)